National Gallery of Art

National Gallery of Art


Museum Hack with Mollie! She’s a great tour guide at the National Gallery of Art

Choose Museum Hack to tour this gallery! We had Mollie as our Museum Hack tour guide and she was the best! Having never done a Museum Hack, I didn’t know what quite to expect other than a first time visit to the National Gallery of Art on a rainy DC day. I typically enjoy wandering around a museum getting lost on my own and would probably be one of the onlookers with a self-guided handheld device but what a treat it was to do Museum Hack and to have Molly as our tour guide!!!

Molly was wonderful! She was very personable, knowledgeable, and made our experience one to remember! It’s a big museum and if you’re like me, not really knowing where to begin and end up taking forever to look at everything, having a tour guide to show you some of the more interesting pieces was great. Molly took us to some painting and sculptures and didn’t bog us down spouting off descriptive historical details that we would later forget, she made it light and fun. She gave insight to the background story behind the art pieces, which I thoroughly enjoyed! I would have never known about all the juicy details and scandalous stories had I not gone on this tour. Not only was it fun to hear about the stories, it was interactive. I don’t think I’ve ever left a tour wanting more and even more excited to come back!

  • Bring your camera, as you are able to take pictures! (At least on most of the pieces, some you are not able to take a pictures of like the special exhibitions)
  • Wear comfy shoes. You’re mostly on your feet during the tour but there are some benches in the museum.

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