Peach Picking

Our adventures took us this weekend to Hollin Farms to pick our own peaches! We first heard about Hollin Farms from Chris’ parents, and I kid you not they brought back the best strawberries of my life!  The most freshest, the most juiciest, and the most sweetest strawberries I have ever had!!!

It takes about an hour from the DC area and we went on a Sunday morning so there wasn’t that much traffic. Once you near the farm, there are signs to help guide you, we still got a little turned around because we were listening to our GPS (*note: make sure to follow the signs).

When you first park, you can see this great view of the hills. It was a beautiful sunny day so the hills were lush with greenery. It’s free to enter and we made our way to the peach orchard. We didn’t have a fancy fruit picking device so we used a stick and carefully nudged the peaches to catch them as they fell. We had fun choosing our own peaches and filling our bag.

While you don’t go because the price of the produce ($15 for a bag of peaches), you go for the experience. You go for the ability to pick your own peaches from the tree and the beautiful views. It’s also a positive feeling to know that by going, you support the local farms.

Hollin Farms
1436 Snowden Road
Delaplane, VA 20144


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