Check out video from our trip to Greece.

Places Visited: Athens,Mykonos, and Santorini.

More Wine 🍷 than Water, More Churches ⛪️ than Houses, More Donkeys  than People – Santorini

Top Things to Do in Santorini, Greece:

  • Go Cliff Jumping at Amoudi Bay. For the thrill seekers, and even the not-so-thrill-seekers, I highly recommend doing this. If there isn’t anyone already there and cliff jumping, it’s hard to tell where the spot is. Located on Agios Nikolaos Island, which is a short swimming distance across from the path from Amoudi Bay. *Watch the video and directions below on how to get there.
  • Watch Oia’s Sunset. You can do this while enjoying a meal at the many restaurants with a view. However, you can do it on the cheap side too and buy some beers at the local store and stake out your spot on the steps. Make sure to find your perfect sunset view at least an hour before the sun sets as the mob of people will arrive.
  • Rent an ATV. It was a great way to get around and the island is so small we didn’t feel like we were in danger on the road. It was also a safer option to scooters.
  • Visit Fira and walk the Karavolades Stairs. Fira is a must see as it is the capital of Santorini. The Karavolades steps are a challenge, but well worth the views to get down to the old port. Don’t want a challenge? There’s an option to take a donkey or a cable car down as well.
  • Check out Atlantis Books. This adorable book shop is a book lovers dream! The ambiance was so charming and I could’ve spent hours in there. It’s easy to miss, but is along a main street with stairs going down, so keep an eye out for it.
  • Have a Photoshoot. With the breath-taking sites, don’t miss the opportunity to have a photoshoot and take your instagramable photos. We did ours in Oia and while we weren’t quite early enough to beat the crowds, we still managed to get our photos in.
  • Hike Skaros Rock. In medieval times, the rock was inhabited and the fortress constructed there offered protection from pirates. While we weren’t able to go to the very top of the rock as there wasn’t a direct path, we still got a workout in and enjoyed the sights!
  • Visit One of Greece’s Oldest Lighthouses. Akrotiri Lighthouse is among the oldest lighthouses in Greece and is located south-west tip of the island. While you aren’t able to go inside the lighthouse, it has a perfect view of the caldera.
  • Ever seen Black or Red Beaches? Well Santorini has it, and you definitely need to go see it. I started a sand collection because of it. Relax in the red sands at Akrotiri Beach and behold the black sands at Kamari Beach.



1) View from above Amoudi Bay


2) View of Amoudi Bay after walking down the steps


3) View of Agios Nikolaos island from the trail


4) View of Agios Nikolaos island about to cliff jump


5) Breathtaking view from the Cliff Jumping site!!!


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