Me Before You

*Before you read, this is your Spoiler Alert*

Current state:
As Moaning Myrtle would say “I was distraught!!!!”I both love and hate Image result for ugly crying facethis book, or rather, I feel so strongly that I cannot find the words to express how I feel about this book. It has been awhile since I have read something that could make me feel so emotionally involved
(see picture for reference on my current state ——————>).

Me Before You Book:
I loved the way it was written and the depth of the characters. I felt like I really understood Lou’s sincere need to keep Will alive and also felt how much pain Will was in, not only emotionally but his physical state as well. The book left me sobbing…like really ugly crying because of all the mixed emotions. I was distressed that Will was telling Lou to “live and live boldly” yet he was not doing that for himself.  At the same time, I understood that even though he survived his accident, he really was not living a quality life and just existing in pain. Lou did help ease that pain, but like Nathan explained it, “I want him to live, but only if he wants to live” so I cannot blame Will for wanting to go to Switzerland…but it still puts me in a state of utter heartache!

Comparison to the book to movie:
Image result for lou and will me before you quote wittyOf course any book-is-better-than-the movie reader will agree, that with almost any movie, the book is better. I can appreciate both medias, book and film, and quite enjoy watching the movies to see if what I imagined took place in the movie or not. In this case, yes, the book was better than the movie and I feel compelled to point out some very important aspects that were amiss in the movie.

The witty banter between Lou and Will was great and I loved every moment of it and it was well portrayed in the movie. The depth of their relationship however, I felt was disappointing for two reasons.  In the movie, I didn’t grasp that they both were equally helping each other become better people as they did in the book. A huge missing link was that the movie didn’t really show just how much physical pain Will really was in to make us see & understand his choice in the end. The second big part that wasn’t shown was how Will helped Lou motivate herself, to go back to school, and open up about her past. Lou sharing her past with Will was such a pivotal part of who Lou is as a person today, that taking this part out of the movie was detrimental in showing the depth of their relationship.

I’m still in an emotional state about it because who doesn’t want Will to change his mind and be with Lou in Paris.  If the ending went that route, I don’t know if I, like all the other readers and viewers, would feel the way we do…#greatwritingJoJoMoyes


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