Ocean City, MD

Sept. 2016

Crabcake Factory IMG_3726.JPG

We came here because it was voted best seafood of 2016 and they were known for their crabcakes. I was not impressed. I’ve made better crabcakes at home. I think I wouldn’t be so bothered by this meal if I felt that the cost to quality ratio were more even. It’s $14 for their 1 crabcake (—->see picture) AND it doesn’t come with a side, unless you call slivers of orange slices a side. I will say the crabcake was not bad but it wasn’t the greatest. Would I go back and pay $14 for it? No, thank you!

Ocean City Beach 

The rest of the time was spent enjoying the beach and boardwalk. I’ve never lived near a beach and Ocean City Maryland is the closest to it (3 hours closest). It was a perfect day to be at the beach with the sky mostly overcast, a wind breeze cooling the air, and with what seemed like no humidity. We dipped in the ocean and it was cold, but we got use to it. Most of the time was spent reading and finding the smallest seashells (I am now starting a collection)!



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