April 2012

How to visit Roswell in a day and fulfill your Roswell Show Fandom!

After the TV show Roswell ended, my friends and I were still obsessed and always talked about going to Roswell, New Mexico. It’s not too far of a drive from us in Colorado, so this one time we went on this randomly awesome weekend road trip to fulfill our Roswell Fandom.

welcome-to-new-mexico-ici-nmWe began our trip on a Friday night after we all got off work.
With a playlist set, snacks prepped, and pictures of our current obsessions on our dashboard – we were ready to take off! 6 hrs later, Welcome to Roswell, New Mexico!
Roswell NM - ICI.jpg

Crashed into Roswell

First stop, the Visitor Center!


Definitely check this place out, it’s where I got my awesome postcards from and their mailbox is R2D2!!! Right next door, you can walk to the Roswell Museum and Art Center and admission is free.

International UFO Museum And Research Center

Great displays of UFO related research and sightings. *Military Discounts.

Alien Zone

Alien Zone has a great “Area 51” Photo area – one of my favorites visiting Roswell! It was $3 to enter with a ton of different scenes for photo ops. My friends and I probably spent a little too much time here taking multiple pictures.


Eat Where the Locals Eat

Martin’s Capitol Cafe was recommended as a place where the locals eat.  The food was alright, not sure I’d return though.

Roswell High

Tribute to Max, Isabel, and Michael at Roswell High School. Another photo session taken place here to fulfill our Roswell craze.

Roswell Airport & Walker Aviation Museum

Walker Aviation Museum is inside the airport. It’s a small space but it’s filled with displays of historical information about the base and the men and women that served. There’s a great “Welcome to the City of Roswell” outside the airport.

Spring River Park & Zoo

Admission is free and we found peacocks roaming around!

Bottomless Lakes State Park

The first state park in New Mexico. It’s a pretty cool but creepy thing to know that the lakes are bottomless. We went after hours wandering around.


Around Town

You think seeing all the alien stuff would get old, but it wasn’t (maybe for the people living here). We gobbled up every alien related sightings. We saw alien footprints on the ground, the lampposts had alien eyes, and I got alien earrings!

Roswell TV Show-Related Pictures

We got to see Roswell in a day and felt satisfied and accomplished.  Thank you Roswell for letting us crash!

Next on our list, we have yet to accomplish is the big UFO Festival…we’ll be back.



3 thoughts on “Roswell

  1. archfriar says:

    That mustve been some trip. I hear that the entire show was shot in California, even the desert scenes so you saw the real thing. I cant believe this show that i love is 15 years old.


    • Frankie says:

      I was living in Colorado at the time so a trip to Roswell wasn’t too far and my friends and I had talked about it for so long and we finally made it happen. We did look up and saw that it was shot in CA, which was a bummer because we wanted to recreate the desert rock scenes but there was tons there to geek out about. It’s a quick visit and you should definitely go someday!

      WOW didn’t know it’s been 15 years!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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