Beauty, Brains,& Brawn

Successful Halloween 2016! Check out my outfits below and click the links on how to DIY.

Beauty and the Beast with a twist. I wanted to be a girl Gaston, so I made Chris wear the dress!  We got a lot of odd looks as we walked the 20th Annual Del Ray Halloween Parade. Chloe was a trooper and rocked it as the beast 🐶

– I’m no damsel in distress 💪


Photo Courtesy of Meghan LaPrairie Photography LLC

Come to the Dark Squad
I let my imagination get the best of me for this costume/cosplay. I knew there’d be tons of Suicide Squad costumes out this year, so I wanted to be unique and do a costume mashup of Suicide Squad and Star Wars. Sadly, my Princess Leia made me look more like Chun-Li 😞. I’m proud of putting it together, and what’s more important is that I finally got a lightsaber! #nerdgirl.

– It’s always fun playing the crazy person.

Halloween night, we kept it simple and went back to basics. I dolled up the face as a cat 😼 and Chris went as a Jack-o-Lantern 🎃 and we made our way to get $3 booritos from Chipotle 🙌 #RememberTheDaysWhenChipotleWasFreeonHalloween


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