Seattle, WA

Oct. 2016

It was a rainy weekend and Chris’ first time visiting. A perfect weekend greeted us with the rainy and gloomy weather that Seattle is known for. Unfortunately for us, this weekend was forecasted with a big storm moving in. Previous to our arrival, the weather had been nice and sunshiny, yaaaaay for us.

Biscuit Bitch
First stop, breakfast. We decided to park in the Pike’s Place parking garage which worked out nicely since there were plenty of spots open (* GET THERE EARLY, this was not the case later when the lot was full). The breakfast place, Biscuit Bitch was only a couple blocks from the Pike’s Place market area. It was a small food place with no seating inside but had tons of character. The place was packed and busy with people. Like any am-i-really-going-to-wait-in-this-line, we hopped in line and thought “it must be good if all these people are here”. It moved pretty fast and the place was decorated for Halloween, which made it all the more thrilling to observe every detail of the place. From the  food menu item names, to the signs posted on the wall, it was Bitch this and Bitch that – I absolutely loved it!  I got the Bitchwich and tried the Smokin’ Hot Bitch. Both were worth the wait and yummy!

Pike’s Place
We perused around and looked at all the little shops and vendors. I found some postcards to add to my collection! 😁 There were so many beautiful flower bouquets!!! I remember the last time I was here there were tons of Peonies. Sad to report that there weren’t any of my favorite flowers in sight, but we did buy some lovely flowers for my dear friend for letting us crash her place.

Needle ICI WA.jpg
We stopped by a shop on the bottom level and met the owner of Reflecting on Seattle – Urban Photography. His photos show a unique perspective of the city through puddle reflections. Super awesome concept and amazing photos! His work inspired us to take the photo of the Needle in the puddle —>

Gum Wall
Our friends were grossed out by the Gum Wall and didn’t want to join us in checking it out; we ventured on. It started raining so many of us tourist were fighting for the same photo op spot with the gum wall behind and the cover of the bridge above shielding from the rain. I really wanted to do a big bubble, but the gum we had was not made for making bubbles. Alas, I got the best picture I could.


20102010Gum Wall ICI WA.jpg


We went with the package deal to visit the Needle and the museum, Chihuly next door. It no longer was rainy and was now windy, which we definitely felt when we got to the top. You felt a slight back and forth motion like on a ship; we were starting to get dizzy. The second floor restaurant was a recommended spot to check out to experience the rotating floor. We were a bit confused at first trying to figure out what part of the Needle was moving and how we were rotating with it.

The is a must-see!!! I’ll let these pictures speak for themselves:

Fremont Troll
The iconic Seattle sculpture in the can be found lurking under the Aurora bridge. It was created to bring art to the Fremont neighborhood and to revive the space into something more than a dumping ground. It was a fun spot to see all the chalk art on him!

gas-works-ici-waGas Works Park
The first time I visited this place was on a late night outing with some friends after we got food from Dick’s. It was nice to visit and see what the park looked like during the day. It was still a little rainy but glad we could see the industrial part of the park and view the skyline of Seattle.


2016GW ICI WA.jpg

Food Places We Tried:

  • Umi Sake House – They had a happy hour we got the tail end of and had 15 mins left to put in an order. Our waitress was cognizant of the time and put in our happy hour order right away. The service was exceptionally fast and our sushi rolls were out in no time! It was an ambiance of fine dining with fast service and great food! Try the Oyster Shooters too!
  • Shug’s Soda Fountain & Ice Cream – Hands down the best coconut ice cream! Cute shop and right near the Pike’s Place market area.
  • Salty’s on Alki Beach / West Seattle – Best view of Seattle with an all you can eat seafood! They had three different types of crab legs and I loved their oysters. Though the price is on the high end, it was worth it especially if you are looking for a good all you can eat seafood spot. They had other options of food as well, but I didn’t waste space in my tummy for anything else but seafood. They had a huge arrangement of desserts and there was a little bit of everything for everyone.

Trisa ICI WA.jpg

Shout-out to Trisa, my dear friend and incredibly stubborn and generous host! Thank you for letting us unofficially Airbnb-it at your place and for taking us around and touring Seattle 🙂


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