Skies the Limit

March 2017

Made a second trip back to the Windy City. I was in town for work but tried to squeeze in some things I’d been wanting to visit since the last time I only got to see was the Bean.

Things I Learned:

  • Be prepared to play the waiting game. My main objectives were to visit the Skydeck, revisit the Bean, and eat Deep Dish Pizza. Thankfully, I wasn’t time crunched when I was able to go off and explore. It may have also been the activities I wanted to checkout that involved a lot of wait time.
    • Skydeck – Can take anywhere from 2-3 hours in wait time for general admission. (See below for more details).
    • Deep Dish Pizza – For the most part anywhere takes 45 min – 1 hour to bake, which does not include the wait time to be seated at a table.
  • Ride Uber/Lyft. Using these services made it incredibly easy to get around town and I didn’t have to worry about navigating or figure out parking.
    • 1) My drivers were local and gave helpful recommendations on places to visit and eat. One of my drivers even got us lost in the underground roads, but t’was a happy accident as he pointed out that Chicago and the underground tunnels were film sites for the Dark Knight movie – being a fangirl I was giddy and thrilled of this knowledge! 🦇Dark Knight in Chicago.jpg
    • 2) I opted to do a lot of Uber Pools which made for some great human interaction and a chance to meet some real characters.
  • Chicago’s Architecture. To my surprise, I unknowingly visited 3 out of 8 of the tallest buildings in Chicago, the Willis Tower, the Aon Center, and the 900 North Michigan! On my way walking towards the Magnificent Mile, I got to see even more of Chicago’s famous buildings.
  • Chicago goes crazy for St. Patty’s Day! Who knew? I sure didn’t. I was told by a friend that there’s really no relation to the heritage of St. Patty’s and it’s people here, but that the city just really likes to party. I was a week too late of seeing the Chicago River dyed green, but still got to see it, it was just a darker shade of green 🤢

Skydeck ICI ILSkydeck

I went on a Saturday towards the afternoon and the line was outside starting to wrap around the building. It was also St. Patty’s Day weekend, so lots of people visiting the city.

Helpful Tips

  • Get there early. on a weekday. when there are no people.
  • Pay extra for the Fast Pass. It saves you time and could cut your wait time down to 1 hour. I had time to kill so I paid for General Admission and waited about 2 hours before I got to the top.
  • Don’t go on an empty stomach. Eat before or bring snacks. Depending on your wait time and how long you want to be at the top, it could take more than 3 hours. They have a small gift shop with some treats but no food food of substance. It isn’t until you come down the 103 floors where they have a food area.
  • Take your time. At the top you get a 360 view of the city with informative signs, but I gunned straight for the glass ledge boxes. You still wait in mini lines to get your photo opp on the glass ledges but it’s nothing compared to the wait time getting to the top. I had waited 2 hours to get to the top and took my time in taking the pictures I wanted and then still went back in line to take more. After I felt done and got all the photos and videos I wanted, I went back to the informational signs to learn more about the view of the buildings and sites seen.

Deep Dish Pizza

I tried out two places: Pizzeria Uno and Chicago Pizza And Oven Grinder. I learned about Oven Grinder through one of the uber pool rides and she described it as pizza pot pie, I heard pizza.pot.pie. and immediately moved it to the top of list of places to try out!

Not my best photos of the pizza but they were delish!!! 😋

Pizzeria Uno – It took about an hour for them to bake the pizza, and I decided to take it to go. There too was a wait time not only for the pizza but for a table. I happily got a drink at the bar and read my kindle. I thoroughly devoured it and enjoyed the crunchy crust!

Chicago Pizza And Oven Grinder – Surprise, surprise there was a line for this one as well and I ordered it to go! It took about 30+ mins for it to bake. The place is tiny and jam packed with people. Also of note, they only accept cash. I wasn’t too impressed. Don’t get me wrong it was yummy and was a gooey-like pizza but it wasn’t my favorite and maybe it just wasn’t my kind of pizza. On my uber back to where I was staying, the girl in my uber pool was a local who lived near the Oven Grinder and had yet to go because of how busy it always was. Deep Dish Pizza success? – yep I think so!!!

Cloud Gate 

The Bean ICI IL

“I’m gonna touch the butt” 🐟  (name that movie)

Inside the bean ICI IL

Under the bean

Day and Night ICI IL

Day and Night

I loved the light reflections on the bean at night.

Bean at Night ICI IL

Navy Pier

Navy Pier ICI IL

Beautiful sunset view of the city from the Navy Pier. Thank you Chicago, until next time!


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