Virginia is 4 Lovers

My boyfriend and I celebrated our 4 years of being together this past weekend and we totally crushed it!

Playing off the “Virginia is for Lovers” slogan, I made a photobook of our VA LOVEWORKS sign photos from our visits last year. DSC_0847.jpg

We kicked off the weekend with some happy hour oysters at Hanks Oyster Bar and ended the night with our favorite cake, Chantilly Cake, topped off with a number 4 sparkler! 🍰 #cheersto4years

Yup, I made us matching shirts too! “His Honey” and “Her Pogi” shirts

Next stop, Airlie LOVEWORK sign in Warrenton ❤

Chrankie at Airlie ICI VA

Heart Balloon ICI

Chrankie shirts ICI VA

Chrankie Love World ICI VA.jpg

Small things done with great love will change the world 💜

To finish off our weekend, we went to a nearby dog friendly winery at Barrel Oak Winery for a picnic.

Yeah we’re pretty much disgustingly cute 💏


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