To the skies story

My dad was turning 51 years old and the mountains were calling him to go snowboarding.

***Growing up, my parents defied the ideology that having kids meant you were not able to travel anywhere or do anything, as the Grinch would say – wrongoooo!  There were three of us my siblings and I, back-to-back in age, and my parents carted us in our two-seater stroller everywhere. Yes…a two-seater, for the three us and since I was the oldest I didn’t get to sit in the stroller and was forced to walk. I preferred it that way any way.  Being a military family afforded us access to places, but it was my parents that took each opportunity to explore and create adventures wherever we moved. My parents have always had this great need to see and travel the world. I get this wanderlust appetite from them and look forward to embracing it even more when I reach their ripe age.***

Back to the mountains calling my dad…my mom’s brother, my uncle, and his family were visiting.  Like any Filipino family event, we invited the barkada to join us on this birthday celebration outing.  We journeyed up to Breckenridge from Colorado Springs and arrived by nightfall. Naturally as soon as we got out the car, our stomachs started growling and we were in need of sustenance. We put in an order for food but as we were about to cheers, my uncle wanted to make a toast.  To our surprise, his toast was not birthday related.  He shouted,

“To the wounds that never heal”

It was a little random but mostly funny since we knew he obviously wasn’t talking about his own “wounds”. He continued with other odd tributes to life, health, and love.  So we played along. My best friend, sister, and I joined in with our own shout outs,

“to our bleeding hearts”

“to the team on my back”

“to the bundok girls”

and the one that stuck…the one that began our
motto, quote, mantra, and toast to life,

“to the skies”



My name is Francesca, better known as Frankie. This blog is dedicated to that concept, “to the skies” that notion of “living your life” and “the skies the limit” blah blah blah corny feel good stuff all the way. This site is filled with my adventures, DIY projects, and my life in general to Imagine.Create.Inspire.

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-Cheers, Mabuhay, & to the skies!


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