30th Birthday

For the 30 year old about to celebrate their birthday, go big with these easy do-it-yourselfers:

  • Blow up balloons into numbers. There are number balloons already made that you can just buy and they add helium. But if you’re like me always thinking to myself, “I can do that myself” here’s how I did my number balloon sign:
    • Blow up balloons (preferably with people helping, I on the other hand was on a time crunch to make this birthday surprise). I did blow up 30 balloons but it didn’t all fit on the number sign.
    • Cut out the numbers 3 & 0 with cardboard. I tore up pieces of cardboard and stapled them together since the balloons would cover it up any way.
    • Staple or tape the balloons to your 30 cardboard signs
    • Hang from the ceiling with white thread to make it look like it’s hanging in thin air!
  • Have a kiss your 20’s Goodbye Kiss Jar
  • Remind them 30 Reasons Why They’re Awesome on post-it notes
  • Make a beer tower with their favorite beer
  • Get their favorite alcohol bottle etched

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