Come to the Dark Squad

Come to the Dark Squad! Star Wars and Suicide Squad Costume Mashup!

See how to DIY below:

HQ/Princess Leia Costume

  • Shirt – Iron on “Daddy’s Lil Monster”, Painters Tape, and Krylon Short Cuts red spray paint.
  • Shoes – Krylon Short Cuts spray red paint for the red heel part, and white paint.
  • Shorts – Used Krylon Short Cuts red and blue spray paint. I found a pair of black sequenced shorts at a thrift store.
  • Puddin Choker – 1 sheet of gold cardstock type paper and an exacto knife and scissors.
  • Princess Leia Skirt I got a white sheet from the thrift store and cut slits in it.
  • For my hair I made 2 buns and used red and blue hair color spray

Joker/Han Solo Costume

  • Found the long sleeve shirt at a thrift store and cut up an old shirt to create the vest
  • Makeup and green color hair spray

I got the lightsabers for cheap on amazon!


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