DIY Christmas

Family Picture & Christmas Card

Family Christmas Card with our Dog ICI 2016.jpg

Cut out some felt hats, felt mistletoe, and bought a big cotton-ball for our Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins. *Multiple treats were used during the taking of this photo shoot.


Elephant and Yoda Felt Ornaments

Dog Felt Ornaments

Wire Ornaments

Game of Thrones Socks

Give Money


Eat the chocolates for yourself and use the box as a unique way to gift money as a present 💵 #dolladollabillsyo

DIY Cards


Yes, this card is done on Twilight book paper. I couldn’t bring myself to tear the pages of my Harry Potter books. Any book page will do. I get my books from thrift stores where tons of Twilight books dwell 😉

Chalk Art

Sleigh All Day, Make it Rein ICI.jpg

I use three of my canvas boards to create some holiday cheer!





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