Dog Felt Ornaments

dog-felt-ornaments-ici-xmasDIY DOG FELT ORNAMENT

Fold a felt sheet to the desired size of the ornament. Outline with a pencil the shape you want your dog head to be and follow the outline to cut it out.

If you didn’t cut out the shape of the ears with the head part, you can still cut out the ear shapes separately and hot glue gun it to the head.

Buttons make great eyes. Glue gun the eyes onto one of the head pieces. (I bought my half round eyes from amazon.)

To give it an extra look, I like to sew the outline of the head, mouth, and

Once you have all of this put together:

  • Sew the felt together but leave space to add cotton. I use regular cotton balls you use to wipe your face with.
  • ***Don’t forget to leave space to insert the ribbon hook part and sew to close. (I forgot to add it every single time😱)

Alyeska the Airedale Terrier/Irish Wolfhound Mix


Lieutenant Dan the lab and Kanga the Corgi


Griffey the Irish Wolfhound Mix and Junior the Bulldog


Chomper the Shih Tzu


Baps the Chihuahua

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