Yoda Felt Ornament

DIY Yoda Felt Ornament

Cut out 2 circles/ovals for Yoda’s head from a green felt sheet. (Make sure to adjust your measurements and size depending on how dimensional you want your Yoda to look as we stuff his head with cotton)

Use 2 or 4 triangular pieces for his ears.  Depending on how big or “puffy” you want the ears to look. I think I could have saved some time to just do 2 triangles with no sewing or cotton needed, but I went the 4 triangular pieces route.

Buttons make great eyes. Glue gun or sew the eyes onto one of the circle head piece

Once you have all of this put together:

  • Sew on the ears to one of the circle head piece.
  • Sew the 2 circle head pieces together but leave a little opening at the top to insert your ribbon to hang the ornament and to stuff cotton.
  • Add as much cotton to your hearts desire.
  • Insert the ribbon hook part and sew to close.



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