Zombie Princesses

It was always my dream to do a Disney Zombie Princess group for the Zombie Crawl in Denver. This one year, my friends and I made it happen!

How To:

  • I found my Cinderella-like dress at a thrift shop.  The only thing I had to buy was the fake blood and white spray for my hair.

Below is how my friend did her Princess Tiana Zombie.

How To:

  • tiana-zombie-ici-costumesThe main dress I bought from a Halloween City. It was a “Green Fairy” costume. I also found the frogs teeth there too.
  • For the frog:
    • I was looking all over for a green stuffed frog. I found mine at Toys R’ Us along with a small crown. I cut the frog in half and removed the stuffing. The frog legs were sewn on to the back to make it look like the frog jumped through me.
    • For the top half of the frog, I cut a hole where the smile was. I hot glued the monster teeth to the top and bottom of the opening to make him look vicious!
    • I had some red nail polish so I turned his eyes from black to red.
    • I sewed the small crown to the top of the frogs head because he is a prince in disguise.
    • I took the finished top half of the frog and sewed it to the front of the “Green Fairy” costume.
  • For the “intestines” I went to Jo-Ann’s and found yarn that resembled them.
    • I took the “intestine” yarn from Jo-Anns and stuffed it into the top half of the frog.
    • I pulled some of the yarn out of the frogs mouth to make it look like he had been chowing down on my internal organs.
  • For the shoes:
    • I found a green shiny fabric at Jo-Ann’s and coated old flats in Modge Podge, laid the fabric on top and snapped it around the shoes. I cut off excessive fabric.

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