Yoga on the Mall

Sept. 2016

It was our first time doing Yoga on the Mall, and it could not have been a more perfect day to do it! Fall was here and it’s presence was felt Saturday morning with a crisp in the air. I thought to myself “it would be a perfect morning for a run if I actually enjoyed running”, so yoga it is!

We arrived just in time for the dance warm up. The lawn in front of the stage area was completely packed with Yogis and so we were forced into the overflow on the Washington Monument lawn. If you want a spot up front, definitely arrive early, but it’s not necessary as the speakers were loud enough to hear and you can follow the movements of the people in front of you.

I wouldn’t call myself a “yogi”, I do however enjoy going to yoga classes every now and then and I do my own stretches every morning. Given how flexible I thought I was, there were still some moves that had me feeling awkward because my body wasn’t prepared for it. I definitely was feeling it in places I didn’t know existed.

I gained a new appreciation for yoga and enjoyed seeing other people showcase their ability to control their body and put their limbs into compromising positions. All in all, great vibes were shared and it was a very relaxing and great way to start the morning!

Visit here for upcoming events for Yoga on the Mall.







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